Trans Inquiry: 5 Ways the NHS is Failing Trans People

Last week, Pills and Policies were at the first ever meeting held by the Women and Equalities Committee. Although the meeting was too short to initiate a deeper discussion, there was poor representation of the affected parties, and it is not certain if the government will act on the evidence, these were the key issues identified within the healthcare system that relate to trans people:


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Pills and Policies at NHS Expo 2015: The Need for Health Innovation

It’s my first time traveling to Manchester, and despite the 5-hour coach ride on a stuffy Megabus, I’m looking forward to it. This isn’t just because my whole existence revolves around London and I desperately need an escape, or because ‘The North’ is somewhat mysterious to me, but because I have managed to secure free tickets to the biggest NHS event of the year: the annual Health and Innovation Expo.

On arrival, I find my way to Manchester Central, just opposite the grand Milibank Hotel. Aqsa (my Mancunian HumSci buddy) is waiting for me, ready to explore the conference. Having recently completed an internship at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, she informs me that the city is at the forefront of health technologies in the UK, and it is no coincidence that this is where the expo is. I am excited.

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