BREXIT: Young People Speak on Britain Leaving the EU

The #MarchforEurope on Saturday showed that many still have hope despite being devastated by the EU referendum result. We spoke to a few young people, a demographic often branded as disengaged, to hear their thoughts.

‘Love not Fear’: Over 30,000 attend ‘March for Europe’ rally in London

Pills and Policies join tens of thousands in central London today at ‘March for Europe’ rally against the Brexit results. Amongst the crowd of hopeful and unified demonstrators, the feeling of great uncertainty for the future  is echoed not only by those present at the march, but by people across the UK.


Over 30,000 people demonstrated in central London today at the #MarchforEurope. They marched against the results from the EU referendum last week which saw 52% of the UK voting for Brexit, despite the capital overwhelmingly voting to remain.

Spreading messages of hope and solidarity, the day marked a feeling of unity and empowerment for many of the attendees, particularly for the young people in the crowd. With 75% of young people voting to remain, the Brexit results showed a generational divide and left many feeling uncertain of the future.

One young voter felt that his ‘future was unfairly robbed’ and is worried about what impact this result will have on his future employment opportunities within the EU. Another student studying linguistics echoed this sentiment, and felt that her ‘dreams of working at Brussels as an interpreter was crushed overnight’. For many, the benefits of an EU membership afforded to generations before them will be missed, whilst thousands of 16-17 year old were excluded from having a say in the referendum.

Since the Brexit results, racist hate crimes have increased by five folds, leaving minority groups feeling vulnerable to racists and xenophobic attacks. This issue was addressed in the march, as thousands echoed their condemnation and zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ read several banners, signifying the sentiment of togetherness and solidarity across the capital.

Needless to say, this EU referendum result marks a great time of uncertainty and young people need to be more empowered and vocal about their vision for the future now more than ever before.