About Us

WELCOME to Pills and PoliciesPP

Created Summer 2015, Pills and Policies is an online platform engaging young people in politics and public health. The series of posts and videos will explore current affairs and issues through the perspectives of young people, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic social, cultural, political, and economic impacts on our demographic. Pills and Policies aims to create an informative and engaging platform to further conversations surrounding health reforms, politics, and public health  with young people at the heart of these discussions.

 About the Writers

Pills and Policies is an online platform that is founded by us- Audrey Walela and Imaan Binyusuf. We are final year Human Sciences undergraduates at Oxford University and we are interested in Public and Global Health. This blog was inspired by our engagement with current Health Reforms and how it affects us as young people.


Audrey Walela


Imaan Binyusuf

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